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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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effect on saturday so if the boards determination was to deny to uphold the appeal then we would re-evaluate whatever at&t submitted to us under the ordinance. >> i don't think it's so much this as the fact we need to review the case based on the order owners ♪ effect we've heard it after last saturday >> as i understand after discussing dui discussing with our city attorney because there's a permit that has been approved from the board upholds it was approved prior to the new ordinance taking effect,
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however, if it is over turned then, yes we'll need to look at everything in light of the new ordinance. >> there was no permit because it was appealed this is the review of the permit so it has to be reviewed under the new ordinance. >> that's also been the case. >> i stand corrected. that presents a difficulty we don't have the factors and dpw hat evaluated it. we don't have the information to apply the factors and neither do you so >> well, actually i know that the dpw has to issue its order for how the legislation is interpreted but the legislation itself that has requirements i wonder in commissioner hurtado
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to your question if you want the department to address the current permit as it went to the review process in the legislation itself obviously, the order has notary republic not been issued by the requirements of prevention itself. >> i thought that was what i asked and you said no. >> we haven't evaluated it but the new ordinance essentially requires additional initial outreach and assessment that didn't take place in this case. >> given that what i think oh, are we done. >> we need to ask for a any public comment on that item? >> good evening i don't want to take much time. i spoke last time here. my name is tom.
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i live in the neighborhood been there 15 years. from what i see we've got a site that's approved i live there, yes it needs a little bit of work. you know, we have a community we have neighbors that have quicken you letters and a list of people that said we don't want this box at the end it's an eye soar and we have a spot down the block approved by the neighborhood but here weer and we're back and forth so i want to leave it at that i appreciate your time. as i mentioned last time i was here we put a lot of work into the hill we talked about but for
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e beautifying this spot with that, i appreciate your time. >> thank you is there any further public comment seeing none, commissioners the matter is submitted. >> when they implement and they have to do additional notice there will be someone else that is not happy so but i think we have no choice but to continue this until the department has taken into consideration. >> my only issue is the amount of time it will take do you have any indication when the dpw will
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issue their guidance? >> i can't say for certainly but we're gibtd to do n it westbound 60 days we have a draft we're reviewing it next week in its final form our intention was to essentially, you know, put that out for review so i think we are well within the 60 days is our goal but i can't say specifically. >> august 27th? >> i would hope before that i think we understand that lots of people have an interest in moving forward and getting those cases resolved so we're not interested in dragging this out and have a draft order that is
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pretty close to going forward. >> ms. goldstein this appeal was filed april 2nd am i correct. >> it was filed april 2nd. >> well, i would move to continue it in a relatively short amount of time there might be an order imminent i'm concerned we issue a result in the amount of time that is reasonable. what's our calendar looking like in a month >> the first meeting in august is on august 14th will 13 before that we're in july 23rd there is 15 items on our calendar
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august 15th majority at&t permits. >> i will be missing the august 13th and the august 20th meeting. >> okay. then we will not be having an august 20th meetings it's unlikely we will depending on commissioner hwang's appointment i recommended you not hear this so august 27th is the next best date. >> okay. so that's your motion do you want any written smiled e submittals or the department to speak. >> yeah. i want the department to speak to the next owners and hopefully, the order will provide guidance. >> so the continuance will be
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the department says whether or not this meets the requirements. >> yes. for the criteria. >> i will be occurs to see the order whenever it's done. >> mr. pacheco. >> we have a motion from the vice president to continue this matter until august 27, 2014, to allow time for the dpw to clikd conclude it's analysis on that motion. commissioner fung. commissioner hwang. commissioner honda and the vote is 3 to store this matter is continued until august 27th.
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>> there's no further business.
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